With two ascents in a single week, Kami Rita Sherpa conquered Mt. Everest for 24 times -

With two ascents in a single week, Kami Rita Sherpa conquered Mt. Everest for 24 times -May 21, 2019

Back to back just in a single week after breaking his own record for most summits on Mt Everest, Kami Rita Sherpa has yet again stood up on the top of world’s highest mountain, this morning.

According to Gyanendra Shrestha, a liaison officer at the Everest Base Camp, reported that the 49-years-old climber conquered Mt. Everest for the 24th time hence becoming the one and only mountaineer in the world having such record for most Everest scales.

Mingma Sherpa, company’s chairman at Seven Summit Treks, Kami Rita from Thame village of Solukhumbu district has successfully scaled Mt. Everest at 6:38 AM from Nepal periphery smashing his own previous record for most summits on the roof of the entire world.

“Kami Rita along with the Indian Police team from the Seven Summit Treks expedition has stood atop the roof of the world,” Sherpa reported. Kami Rita reached the top of Mt Everest guiding Indian team, he added.

Born and bred up in Thame village of Solukhumbu, Everest region cast a long shadow over the lives of Sherpas like Kami Rita. And so, it was no wonder when he took to the mountain in his early teens. At 12, he used to ferry loaded backpacks to Everest Base Camp as a porter.

But Kami Rita, like most others guys from his hometown, always dreamt of climbing the roof of the world, world’s highest peak: Everest. He was always fancy to follow in the footsteps of Tenzing Norgay, the first man, alongside Edmund Hillary, to scale Everest ever in the history. He started comparatively small, back in 1992 AD, when his elder brother Lakpa Rita grant him an awesome opportunity to climb mountains up to 8,000m tall. For that, one couldn’t climb Mt. Everest, the roof of the entire world without having prior mountaineering i.e. at least two to four times, said Kami Rita.

Finally, in 1994 AD, after climbing numbers of other peaks, at the age of 24 years, Kami Rita ascended Everest for the first time. “The first time was difficult. But, soon it started becoming easier,” he said. Since then, He has never looked back, becoming a seasoned high altitude climbing guide who demand is high and growing in an exponential manner. He currently works for Seven Summit Treks with Rs.3 million as an annual salary.

Nepal Calls You would like to extend its felicitations and best wishes to legendary mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa. It is really a matter of honor to cover such types of self- record-breaking news.


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