Nepalese Trekking Guides and Experts To Be Given Recognition Worldwide.

Nepalese Trekking Guides and Experts To Be Given Recognition Worldwide.Feb 28, 2019

      At least 22 Thousand Nepalese trekking guides are in the process to be certified with bonafide approval as International Mountain Leaders. Nepal Mountaineering Training Association will be collaborating with the Union of International Mountain Leader Association for the validation of Nepalese guides in the global tourism market. The expertise of Nepalese Guides which was only bounded inside Nepal will extend to the rest of the world after instructed according to the curriculum of UIMLA.

           Currently, there are 24 countries in the world, associated with UIMLA.  On the first phase of recognition, there will be 750 Nepalese trekking guides training as recommended by UIMLA. As per the statement by Uttam Bhattarai, an administrative officer of Nepal Mountaineering Training Association, guides will have their global identification after a year.  And the good news is that our guides can work globally as a Mountain Leader. 

           In Nepal,  Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management has been providing the training of guides in different categories such as tour, trip, trekking, and porters. Interested individuals must take the training classes and pass the examination as per the curriculum and rules to be a certified guide. The curriculum does vary with its types i.e. between and among tour guides, trek experts and porters. Until now there are only 58 Nepalese citizens being acknowledged with world's class trekking guide.

Team Nepal Calls You extends best wishes to all Nepalese guides and experts working as Himalayan Caravan in and around Nepal. We want to see them guiding or leading world’s mountain expedition fraternity with the same spirit.



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