Nepal starts issuing five-year multiple-entry visas for American nationals

Nepal starts issuing five-year multiple-entry visas for American nationalsApr 2, 2019

The government of Nepal today began granting five-year, multiple-entry tourist visas to American citizens.

          Mike Mussi, Consul of the US Embassy, joined Director General of Immigration Iswor Poudel to witness the handover of the first five-year, multiple-entry tourist visas issued by Government of Nepal to American citizen especially travelers and holidaymakers, according to a press released by the US Embassy in Kathmandu.

          When it comes to the United States, it has been issuing five-year visas to Nepalese for many years.  With today’s agreement, Nepal has adopted the same visa terms for American visitors, which will facilitate linkages between the US and Nepal to be more deeper and stronger.

‘Visa reciprocity is an official and sustainable principle in visa policies worldwide. The two government, The United States and the Government of Nepal have been working for the establishment on reciprocity for all types of visas since October 2017’, report the press release.

It is an opportunity to increase the number and frequency of American tourists and business, stakeholders and representatives visiting Nepal, which in turns will contribute towards Nepal’s economy. Tourism holds a significant portion of Nepal's economy. According to the data, over 90,000 US citizens had visited Nepal last year, an increase of 15 percent over the fiscal year 2017. As Americans receive reciprocal tourist visas process — multiple-entries and five-years validity — their frequency of visiting Nepal repeats easily and more often.

On the flip side, besides businessmen and VIPs it is also predicted that American students and scholars who are eager to study and conduct research in Nepal, they will be more privileged with this initiation.  Parity in the visa regimes could facilitate both students from Nepal and America with an opportunity to study and research at Nepali/American academic institutions and participate in educational and cultural exchanges.

While addressing at the handover event, Mussi said, “Longer visa validity and lowered costs are good for both countries: America and Nepal.  It will increase economic activity and exchanges between our countries.”

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