Mount Everest Base Camp in Tibet closed by China To Tourists (Non-Climbers) To Tackle Littering In the High-Himalayas.

Mount Everest Base Camp in Tibet closed by China To Tourists (Non-Climbers) To Tackle Littering In the High-Himalayas.Mar 1, 2019

At a peek!
1. Tourists without climbing permits won’t be allowed at China's EBC.
2. The Chinese Government aims to reduce the stockpile of trash left on the mountains.
3. More than 9 tons of trash was gathered and removed from core areas higher than          17,000 ft. last year.

        Legions of adventurers and holidaymakers flock every year to the Mount Everest Base Camp located in both Nepal's as well as China's Tibet Autonomous Region to catch a breath-taking glimpse of the world's highest peak.

           As stated by media today, China has prohibited tourists (non-climbers) from approaching its Mount Everest Base Camp in Tibet amid an ongoing crusade to clean up rubbish in the mountainous region. The forbid applies to “ordinary tourists”, but not those with climbing permits. 

         Going back in 2018, China had conducted three clean-up conclave above 5,200 meters, said Xinhua in its report, which had collected “more than eight tonnes of household rubbish, human feces, and climbing trash.” Also, local authorities/administrations in Tibet officially are announcing the ban to higher-altitude areas of Mount Everest on a regular basis from the past.

          Moreover to its ban, China also ploys to focus on extracting the corpses of mountaineers above 8,000 meters and is looking forward to limiting the number of visitors at its base camp to under 300.

          One interesting thing is that the Base Camp of Everest on Tibet's side, however, is accessible by motor-able roads, making it a popular tourist destination, especially with domestic tourists.  However, China's base camp, perched in Tibet, attracts fewer mountaineers than the better-renowned site on Nepal's territory of the perilous hike. 

           Officials of Tibet has said that during last year’s peak season, more than 9 tons of waste including trash and feces was gathered and extracted from the core area of the Mount Qomolangma National Nature Reserve.

           With this fair initiation as well as the much-needed campaign being carried out by China, Nepal Calls You, a hassle-free online travel directory in Nepal puts its consent whole-hardheartedly against the littering in the high Himalayas. As we all know, littering is not only harmful to mountains but also has adverse effects on the entire nature and environment.  These moral-less deeds by humans especially trekkers and hikers must be stopped right now.  Otherwise, it will push humans in trouble for sure positioning the whole ecosystem in plight.  

           We the people of this smart-era must know about the consequences of throwing rubbish randomly. Be it on the Himalayas, Oceans or Deserts. Throwing trashes must not be done. BECAUSE! WE! YES, WE! WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SHIT, WE CREATE.  And when it comes to the corpses in mountains, it should be cleaned up with the assistance of government or locals. 

           From today,  with the compliance of rules and awareness regarding trash handling and management, we must all stand for it and work for it. STOP WRITING BIG STATUS IN SOCIAL MEDIA. RATHER WORK FOR IT. APPLY IT. 

    As a concluding portion, Nepal Calls You strongly believes and puts on stress towards the  Federal Democratic Government of Nepal to apply for the same seasonal cleaning programs as like China with the ban in a regular basis.


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