Everest Climbers Threatened and Brought Down by Climate Change

Everest Climbers Threatened and Brought Down by Climate ChangeApr 1, 2019

As the melting glaciers threaten, mountaineers have halted the journey towards one of the most sought-after routes to the summit of the Everest.

    Few stretches of the most well-trodden trail up to Mt. Everest, the highest pinnacle on Earth have to abandon due to the overnight impacts of climate change results in melting glaciers as reported by the climbers.  As the Climate change has breakneck impacts in higher altitude comparatively in a cardinal manner than lower plains, it is thawing the iconic mountain's glaciers- disclosing the climbers’ bodies embedded underneath its ice, was news just a week ago.
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    Nepal, the trekkers’ paradise and nirvana of nature lovers is perched in between giant China and Asia and welcomes legions of tourist in the months March-April. As international expeditions land in Kathmandu for the spring season (peak hour of mountaineering and trekking), there is increasing alarm at the exponential impact of global warming on the mountain and other Himalayan peaks.

    A group of American scientists and personnel have arrived in Nepal this week for the detailed study about the impacts of pollution and the rate of glacial melt in and around the Everest region. Seasoned observers, locals, and stakeholders say the aftermath or Himalayan havoc is clearly observable, threatening the bedrock of the Nepalese economy most pointedly water supplies to more than a billion of demographics across south Asia.

    Sherpas, the backbone of climbing industry in Nepal, already at work on Everest region have reported a growing index of shreds of evidence, with some saying that the bodies of climbers who passed away on their voyage to the summit of Everest have started exposing as rapid aftermath of climate change.  

Nepal Calls You always emphasizes on deep conscience over these types of climate change and global warming issues. We strive not only for the good of our business but also for the secured future of our Mother Earth. Let's not take this planet as for granted. Changes start from within.  

Let's not take Mother Earth as for granted. Let's not take it what we have as for granted!

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